Last updated: June 13th, 2022

BRS Ecosystem Client Disclaimer

BARUNSONLABS GLOBAL PET. LTD.(hereinafter referred to as the 'BARUNSONLABS') promote the research and academically discover the content based blockchain. BARUNSONLABS provide service to access and utilize content based blockchain.

BRS Ecosystem(Token name: BRS) is content based operation of BARUNSONLABS and admit the abnormal operation because the current version is the beta version, and not tested fully.

You may carefully about tokens, digital assens or blockcahin transcation and staking through BRS ecosystem. No one does not guarantee the cryptocurrency or digital asset in BRS ecosystem, and the value can vary without relate to your action. Beta version of BRS ecosystem may occur error, fault of rough construct etc. and you may recognize assets related BRS ecosystem may vary badly. BARUNSONLABS is not responsible for value variation of BRS ecosystem's any tokens, cryptocurrency, and digital asset.

BRS Ecosystem is using several services or platforms for protocal operation. Typically, BRS ecosystem is using etherium blockchain, polygon blockchain, and may be increase. BARUNSONLABS is not responsible for problems including error, fault blockchain use in BRS ecosystem. In addition, BARUNSONLABS is not responsible for problems including error and problem of applying all middleware(Infura, Hexlant Octet etc.).

BARUNSONLABS is not responsible for any ilegal action of using BRS ecosystem. You may comply related law limtation in citizenship country, residence country, or organization to use BRS ecosystem. BARUNSONLABS is not responsible for any damage or punishment by overuse.

You may recognize the internet is incomplete media and occur various variable. BARUNSONLABS is not responsible for damges from connection error, pishing, etc. of external environments.